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Industry and Financial Simulators
Port Operations and Security
Microfinance Institutions Simulator
News Media Company Operations
and Transition to Internet
“Control Panel” showing short-term impacts of security measures in port simulations
Overview of long-term effects of changes in a port’s competitiveness
Getting shippers, port operators, longshoremen’s union, and government officials  together around the port simulation to discuss how these sorts of changes would affect their port
Paper on the port simulation and security work
(.pdf - 986k)
Overview of media company model including traditional print newspaper and new online business
Focusing on traditional newspaper—results of eroding readership
Detailed results of a simulation that help to explain the disastrous effects of a policy designed to turn around the newspaper’s declining profitability
Paper on the media company simulator
(.pdf - 692k)
Presentation on the media company simulator
(.ppt - 524k)
Paper from Asian Development Bank newsletter Finance for the Poor on the Microfinance Institutions simulator
(.pdf - 726k)
Presentation on the Microfinance Institutions simulator
(.ppt - 609k)
Paper on the Microfinance Institutions (MFI) simulator
(.pdf - 712k)
Results for a typical scenario shwoing profit and loss statement and graphs for the MFI
Screen for entering decisions about the design of the MFI’s loan product including interest rate, size and term of loans, and penalties for late payment
Overview of the Microfinance Institutions (MFI) model
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